The Art Attraction Announces They Won’t Be Underbid When Providing Framing and Art for Hospitality

The Art Attraction announces cost saving solutions to provide quality art and framing to the hospitality industry at drastically lower prices than competitors, without compromising the product quality.

Prescott, Arizona- February 8, 2013–The Art Attraction, a provider for quality art and framing for interior design firms and hospitality developers, has set in place many cost saving solutions to provide the lowest price for art and framing needs. Along with the substantial savings to the hospitality industry, hotels, casinos, hospitals and executive suites, The Art Attraction will provide any art and framing by any provider at significantly lower prices than their competitors.

The Art Attraction guarantees their new cost saving solutions, including world-wide shipping, will provide developers, managers and interior design firms at least a ten percent discount below any competitor’s bid without compromising the quality of the art and framing. Plus, The Art Attraction offers a no glass breakage guarantee along with their cost cutting services.

“The Art Attraction’s goal isn’t just to make a sale, but to help you save money on your framed artwork needs,” says The Art Attraction founder, Gary Benjamin. “Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make an educated purchase for the exact framing, art and mirrors you want, but at a much lower price than our competitors.”

Qualified by more than 25 years of experience, Gary Benjamin goes on to say, “As an art professional in the hospitality industry, I understand the importance of every detail in creating the perfect environment for your guests. In a challenging economy, I also know the importance of providing top quality amenities at a competitive price in an efficient and reliable manner.”

The Art Attraction not only provides quality and affordable services as an art provider, but will also help you find the art you need and want, including limited edition, original prints and rare art. The Art Attraction offers thousands of posters and art editions to choose from to meet project specifications, installation deadline and budget. Simply, provide The Art Attraction with your project’s specs, and they’ll do the rest at the lowest price guaranteed.


Gary Benjamin


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