Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want Available as Signed and Numbered Lithograph

The Art Attraction offers a mint condition, never framed, original signed and numbered lithograph of Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want substantially below retail value.

Prescott, Arizona- November 6, 2012– The Art Attraction, which provides quality and affordable art and framing to the hospitality industry, announced an exclusive offer to obtain Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want at an unmatched price far below retail value. This difficult to find and historic piece of art is available in perfect condition, just in time for Thanksgiving. The Art Attraction offers Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want as a never framed, mint condition, original signed and numbered lithograph. This iconic piece of art sells at retail value for $15,000, but The Art Attraction’s selling price is only $8,750.

Norman Rockwell is well known for his iconic Four FreedomsFreedom from Fear, Freedom from Want, Freedom of Worship and Freedom of Speech. These four pieces were inspired by the Four Freedoms State of the Union Address presented by Franklin D. Roosevelt on January 6, 1941.

Of the four pieces, one of the most well known and difficult to find is Freedom from Want, which was originally published in the March 6, 1943 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. During the height of Norman Rockwell’s fame, Freedom from Want was also included on the cover of Rockwell’s 1946 book, Norman Rockwell, Illustrator.

Freedom from Want is one of the most seen pieces of art and has become a nostalgic symbol of the American Thanksgiving holiday as it depicts an elderly couple serving a Thanksgiving turkey to a happy and eager family. This piece promotes the importance of togetherness, traditional values and is dominated by regionalism and idealism.

The unity portray in Freedom from Want is a classic image of the Thanksgiving holiday that has never been recreated by any other artist. The Art Attraction offers this iconic and historic piece of art in mint condition, never framed and original signed and numbered 29” x 35” lithograph. By purchasing through The Art Attraction, you’ll save at least $6,000 off the retail value.

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Featured Art: Khemosabi +++ by LeRoy Neiman

Retail- $22,00- 25,000

Our Price- $14,500 

Signed & Numbered

For more than 50 years, Le Roy Neiman has been one of the world’s most recognized artists due to his vibrant and energetic style—setting his art apart from all others.  Neiman’s work encompasses sports, adventure, entertainment and travel.

Le Roy Neiman’s life was well lived and full of journeys most of us will never experience. However, Neiman shares his journey through life in the vivid images he created, bringing the art to life. His work has enriched the art world as he captured moments in time that can never be forgotten.

Neiman created one of his most well-known pieces, Khemosabi+++, which portrays the most famous Arabian. Khemosabi was a bay Arabian Stallion, who had significant accomplishments in the horse show ring. He won multiple National Championships and achieved the highest level achievement award offered by the Arabian Horse Association—Legion of Masters.

Throughout Khemosabi’s breeding career, he sired more than 1200 foals—300 of which were show champions and 75 were national champions.

This amazing horse is beautifully captured in Le Roy Neiman’s portrait, which is extremely difficult to find. However, Khemosabi+++ is available through The Art Attraction– signed and numbered.

If you’re interested in learning how you can become the owner of one of the limited 300 numbered impressions of Khemosabi+++, contact Gary Benjamin today to discuss how he can help save you money on this rare piece of art.

Dimensions: 36″ x 24″ (91.44 x 60.96 cm)

Medium: Serigraph

Date Completed: 1985

Description: A limited edition of 300 numbered impressions; 50AP, 9PP, signed by the artist

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