*Thanksgiving Special* Featured Art—Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want

Norman Rockwell’s iconic Four Freedoms (Freedom from Fear, Freedom from Want, Freedom of Worship and Freedom of Speech) were inspired by the Four Freedoms State of the Union Address given by Franklin D. Roosevelt on January 6, 1941. One of Norman Rockwell’s most well-known and hard to find pieces is Freedom from Want, which was published on the March 6, 1943 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. The famous painting was also included on the cover of Rockwell’s 1946 book Norman Rockwell, Illustrator, written during the height of Rockwell’s fame, as he was then known as America’s most popular illustrator.

Of Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms, Freedom from Want is the most seen pieces of art—often featured in art books and has become a nostalgic symbol of the American Thanksgiving holiday. The painting depicts an elderly couple serving a Thanksgiving turkey to a happy and eagerly awaiting family. The iconic Freedom from Want painting promotes the importance of family togetherness and traditional values. Norman Rockwell’s image is dominated by regionalism and idealism.

Norman Rockwell sums up the message of Freedom from Want saying, “I paint life as I would like it to be.”

The unity portrayed in Freedom from Want is what makes the painting a classic image for the Thanksgiving holiday, and despite efforts to recreate the image and the message the painting displays, no other artist has accomplished what Rockwell accomplished with Freedom from Want.

This important and difficult to find piece is available through The Art Attraction as a never framed, mint condition original signed and number lithograph.

Size: 29 x 35

Retail Value: $15,000                                 

The Art Attraction’s Price: $8,750

It’s very difficult to find this piece of art in this perfect of condition!

If you’re interested in owning this difficult to find and iconic piece of art just in time for Thanksgiving, contact Gary Benjamin today—he’ll be happy to help you.


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Featured Art: Khemosabi +++ by LeRoy Neiman

Retail- $22,00- 25,000

Our Price- $14,500 

Signed & Numbered

For more than 50 years, Le Roy Neiman has been one of the world’s most recognized artists due to his vibrant and energetic style—setting his art apart from all others.  Neiman’s work encompasses sports, adventure, entertainment and travel.

Le Roy Neiman’s life was well lived and full of journeys most of us will never experience. However, Neiman shares his journey through life in the vivid images he created, bringing the art to life. His work has enriched the art world as he captured moments in time that can never be forgotten.

Neiman created one of his most well-known pieces, Khemosabi+++, which portrays the most famous Arabian. Khemosabi was a bay Arabian Stallion, who had significant accomplishments in the horse show ring. He won multiple National Championships and achieved the highest level achievement award offered by the Arabian Horse Association—Legion of Masters.

Throughout Khemosabi’s breeding career, he sired more than 1200 foals—300 of which were show champions and 75 were national champions.

This amazing horse is beautifully captured in Le Roy Neiman’s portrait, which is extremely difficult to find. However, Khemosabi+++ is available through The Art Attraction– signed and numbered.

If you’re interested in learning how you can become the owner of one of the limited 300 numbered impressions of Khemosabi+++, contact Gary Benjamin today to discuss how he can help save you money on this rare piece of art.

Dimensions: 36″ x 24″ (91.44 x 60.96 cm)

Medium: Serigraph

Date Completed: 1985

Description: A limited edition of 300 numbered impressions; 50AP, 9PP, signed by the artist

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Featured Art—David Ben-Gurion Portrait

The Centennial Portrait of David Ben-Gurion is an extraordinary and unique work of art and history that was originally created as a tribute to David Ben-Gurion—the first Prime Minister and Father of the State of Israel.

During a historic ceremony on May 5, 1987, the portrait was accepted as a gift by the government of Israel to honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ben-Gurion. The portrait was also a symbol of the 40th anniversary of Israel’s Independence celebration.

The Centennial Portrait of David Ben-Gurion celebrates the accomplishments of Ben-Gurion. This unique portrait is formed by words and signatures. Composing the background and the contours of the face are the words of Israel’s Declaration of Independence. The bottom of the portrait was endorsed by the signatures of many high profile people, including Israel’s then Prime Minister, political secretaries, many Jewish leaders and even Ronald Reagan and President Jimmy Carter. There are over 100 signatures and more than 12,600 Hebrew letters in the portrait, and the only piece of art ever signed by Ronald Reagan.

This historic and one of a kind portrait is available as signed & numbered print through The Art Attraction. To discuss this portrait contact Gary today!

Our Price– $20,000 Signed& Numbered

To learn more about the Centennial Portrait of David Ben-Gurion, visit http://www.davidbengurion.com

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Featured Art: “Places to Seek” by Penny Benjamin Peterson

At the age of 5, Penny Benjamin Peterson moved to Arizona, where her love for the desert began– inspiring her artwork.

“When the desert is in full bloom it is awesome. A lush desert sounds like an oxymoron but it does make quite a transformation. These prickly, sometimes dry-looking strange plants suddenly come alive with color,” says Peterson. “The desert is still beautiful with its subtle changes in terrain and the way the sunlight and evening sunset changes the colors of the mountains and the cacti. I am influenced by these observations and my paintings reflect this with their bold splashes of color mixed with the serene, calming, spiritual effects of introspection.”

By continuing her art education, she learned as much as should about art in order to begin sharing her work with others and becoming involved in many local art organizations.  Currently, Peterson’s art can be found throughout the United States and Canada by corporate and private collectors, including Circus Circus Enterprises and First International Bank, and is perfect for the hospitality industry.

“Places to Seek” by Penny Benjamin Peterson

Image size:

  • 36″ x 36″
  • 91.44cm x 91.44cm

Paper Size:

  • 39.375″ x 39.375″
  • 100.0125cm X 100.0125cm

Available on Canvas!

Are you interested in learning more about “Places to Seek” by Penny Benjamin Peterson? Contact The Art Attraction today to learn how you can save at least 10% on this piece of art for your project. Plus, we offer a no glass breakage guarantee!

Check back next week to see the new featured art available!

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