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Featured Art—Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want

The unity portrayed in Freedom from Want is what makes the painting a classic image for the Thanksgiving holiday, and despite efforts to recreate the image and the message the painting displays, no other artist has accomplished what Rockwell accomplished with Freedom from Want.

Featured Art—Khemosabi +++ by LeRoy Neiman

Retail- $22,000 25,000

Our price- $14,500

Signed & Numbered

For more than 50 years, Le Roy Neiman has been one of the world’s most recognized artists due to his vibrant and energetic style—setting his art apart from all others.  Neiman’s work encompasses sports, adventure, entertainment and travel.

Featured Art—David Ben-Gurion Portrait

The Centennial Portrait of David Ben-Gurion is an extraordinary and unique work of art and history that was originally created as a tribute to David Ben-Gurion—the first Prime Minister and Father of the State of Israel.

During a historic ceremony on May 5, 1987, the portrait was accepted as a gift by the government of Israel to honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ben-Gurion. The portrait was also a symbol of the 40th anniversary of Israel’s Independence celebration.

Featured Art: “Places to Seek” by Penny Benjamin Peterson

Currently, Peterson’s art can be found throughout the United States and Canada by corporate and private collectors, including Circus Circus Enterprises and First International Bank, and is perfect for the hospitality industry.

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