Featured Art—David Ben-Gurion Portrait

The Centennial Portrait of David Ben-Gurion is an extraordinary and unique work of art and history that was originally created as a tribute to David Ben-Gurion—the first Prime Minister and Father of the State of Israel.

During a historic ceremony on May 5, 1987, the portrait was accepted as a gift by the government of Israel to honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ben-Gurion. The portrait was also a symbol of the 40th anniversary of Israel’s Independence celebration.

The Centennial Portrait of David Ben-Gurion celebrates the accomplishments of Ben-Gurion. This unique portrait is formed by words and signatures. Composing the background and the contours of the face are the words of Israel’s Declaration of Independence. The bottom of the portrait was endorsed by the signatures of many high profile people, including Israel’s then Prime Minister, political secretaries, many Jewish leaders and even Ronald Reagan and President Jimmy Carter. There are over 100 signatures and more than 12,600 Hebrew letters in the portrait, and the only piece of art ever signed by Ronald Reagan.

This historic and one of a kind portrait is available as signed & numbered print through The Art Attraction. To discuss this portrait contact Gary today!

Our Price– $20,000 Signed& Numbered

To learn more about the Centennial Portrait of David Ben-Gurion, visit http://www.davidbengurion.com

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Featured Art—David Ben-Gurion Portrait, 4.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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