The Art Attraction Relaunch Offers Discounted Art for Interior Designers

Prescott, Arizona- July 23, 2012– Gary Benjamin, owner of The Art Attraction, announced today the relaunch of the hospitality and hotel art service for luxury interior design projects offered by The Art Attraction. Along with the relaunch of the framing and professional fine art service, discounted prices will be provided to interior designers seeking quality art to meet the latest interior design trends.

The Art Attraction provides quality art for interior designers working within the hospitality and hotel industry. The Art Attraction ensures their framing and professional fine art will meet project specifications and installation deadlines, while delivering substantial cost saving solutions.

The Art Attraction guarantees the satisfaction of the art produced and the highly competitive rates by offering a ten percent discount below an interior designer’s lowest bid on a piece of art, as well as a no glass breakage guarantee.

The highly competitive rates The Art Attraction provides coincide with the quality art produced. With many cost saving solutions, including worldwide shipping, The Art Attraction will fulfill any hospitality and hotel art project by creating the ideal art for the perfect environment for guests. Custom paper for artwork can even be produced.

“As an art professional in the hospitality industry, I understand the importance of every detail in creating the perfect environment for your guests,” says Gary Benjamin, owner of The Art Attraction.  “In a challenging economy, I also know the importance of providing top quality amenities at a competitive price in an efficient and reliable manner.”

Qualified by more than 25 years of experience, Gary Benjamin provides quality and affordable art solutions within the hospitality and hotel industry. The Art Attraction offers thousands of posters and art editions to choose from to meet project specifications, installation deadline and budget. Simply, provide The Art Attraction your project specs, and they will do the rest.


Gary Benjamin



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Final Auction July 28th: Cat Care Society’s 2012 Tails of the Painted Cats

Tails of the Painted Advanced online bidding closes at noon (MDT) on Wednesday, July 25. The final auction occurs at the July 28th Gala Dinner & Auction at the Lakewood Country Club, 5 to 9 p.m.

Lakewood, CO, July 23, 2012 –(– It’s less than a week away from the final auction of the 2012 “Tails of the Painted Cats,” the Cat Care Society’s (CCS) lineup of
one-of-a-kind, larger-than-life artwork cats. The announcement is made by CCS President Diane Stoner, who says, “Online bidding closes at noon (MDT) on Wednesday, July 25. The final auction occurs at the July 28th Gala Dinner & Auction at the Lakewood Country Club, 5 to 9 p.m.”

The 2012 “Tails of the Painted Cats” collection and artists include:

Bridal Henna Cat by Kathy
Colorado Calico by Ashley Conroy
C is for Cat by Liz
Little Roar by Jane McFadden Dorsey
Soleil by Gail Firmin
Masquerade by Melanie Gwendahlin Keyes
Crazy Quilt Cat by Joan A.
Helios by Karen R. Mahnken
Sushi Chef by Shirlee Akemi Miyake
by Sara Nevadomski
Hibiscat by Carla Pawlewicz
Casino Kate: The Cat by K.
Meowscarade by Pam Schmidt
Misty by Pam Schmidt
Pearls &
Lilies by BW Sharp
Rudi by Bonnie Wilber
Toulouse Le Chat by Cam
The RubaiyCat of Omar Siam by Kathryn Jackson
Drawing Kitty: Claudia Monette by Jane McFadden Dorsey

In addition to the Painted Cats being auctioned, local artist Jane McFadden Dorsey has again created the project’s official “drawing kitty.” This year it’s Claudia Monette. For a $10.00 donation per ticket, names are entered in a drawing to take her home. The winner
of Claudia Monette will be announced at the July 28th Gala.

About Tails of the Painted Cats
Some of the Painted Cats are standing, and some are sitting, but they are all unique, original decorator pieces. You can visit the Online Gallery at The larger (about 28″ tall) Painted Cats each started with opening bids of $300 and the smaller Painted Cats opened at $150. Advanced online bidding is available at through Wednesday, July 25, 2012, at noon (MDT). Advanced bids can also be placed by calling Suellen Scott, CCS director of development, at 303-239-9680, ext. 19.

On July 28th, the Painted Cats will be auctioned at Cat Care Society’s Gala Dinner Auction at Lakewood Country Club. The emcee is Ed Greene, CBS4 weather and news anchor. The auctioneers are Warren and Terri Smith of Two for the Show Auctions. Individual tickets for the Gala are $75.00 each. New this year is an individual patron ticket to a private VIP Meet & Greet prior to the dinner on July 28 where Ed Greene will sign the 2013 “Weather Cat” painted cat — $100.00. Details regarding sponsorships, table upgrades and proxy bidding are also available by calling Suellen Scott, CCS director of development, at 303-239-9680, ext. 19.

Guiry’s Color Source is the 2012 art supply sponsor for “Tails of the Painted Cats.” For more information, visit:

About the Cat Care Society
The CCS, founded in 1981, is a nonprofit organization established to improve the quality of life for homeless, injured and abused cats in the Denver metropolitan area. The Society’s goals are:
* To sponsor educational programs that promote responsible pet ownership, humane treatment of all animals, and the elimination of pet overpopulation;
* To shelter cats in a healthy, cage free environment and to find compatible and responsible families for every cat;
* To provide community outreach programs that improve the quality of life for cats and people;
* To be a friend to all cats.

The CCS is supported by a number of loyal members and contributors, without whom the
shelter could not operate. CCS receives no government funding. In addition, CCS volunteers assist with many fundraising activities each year. For more information, visit

Denver’s Cat Care Society is also is found on these social media sites:

Facebook Page:
Facebook Tails of the Painted Cats Page:
You Tube:
News Feed Blog:

Suellen Scott, Cat Care Society – 303-239-9680 x19 –
Maggie Chamberlin Holben, APR, Absolutely PR on behalf of the Cat Care Society – – 303-984-9801,

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Three Permanent Galleries of Chinese Art Reinstalled This Summer at the Newark Museum

The Newark  Museum will re-install three permanent galleries devoted to Chinese art this  summer

Newark, NJ (PRWEB) July 12, 2012– The Newark Museum will re-install  three permanent galleries devoted to Chinese art this summer. Although the  installation will feature a few select loans from distinguished private  collections, the vast majority of objects are drawn from the Museum’s permanent  collection. The re-installation will exemplify not only superior works from  centuries past, but also works of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.  Works of art will range from ancient Chinese bronzes, to carved jade, ivory,  malachite, amber, amethyst and turquoise largely produced during the Ming and  Qing Dynasties (fourteenth to nineteenth centuries). Chinese paintings will also  be displayed along with ceramics, lacquer wares and enamel works and rare  examples of imperial furniture.

“This re-installation provides a timely introduction of the Museum’s  superior, but largely unknown, collection of Chinese art,” said Mary  Sue Sweeney Price, Director and CEO of the Museum. “Many of the works have  never before been shown. To our delight this installation reveals our historic  collections’ strengths match recent collecting trends in the current  market.”

Three themes will be highlighted in three sections: Re-Activating Chinese  Antiquities: Honoring the Archaic in Art, 200 BC-2012 AD; China’s China:  Porcelain, Earthenware, Stoneware & Glazes; and Buddhism, Taoism, Confucius  and Cult of Mao: China’s Religious Arts.

Re-Activating Chinese Antiquities: Honoring the Archaic in Art, 200 BC-2012  AD

The sophistication of ancient Chinese bronze castings and jade carvings and  the evolution of different calligraphic scripts have long fascinated Chinese  artists and people worldwide. Chinese art — today, as over the past 3,000 years— strives to pay homage to the immense richness of Chinese cultural traditions and  their constant re-invention through living artists of every era. For example,  the so-called “hundred treasures” (baibao) include symbols of ancient bronze  forms, jades, stone chimes and emblems of the four scholarly pursuits:  calligraphy, poetry, painting and music.

Every succeeding period of Chinese history re-creates these honored cultural  elements — through courtly arts, decorative arts, religious arts and though a  scholarly lifestyle of the literati class. In addition to featuring ancient  bronze and jade works, this exhibition will showcase carvings of bamboo, amber,  lapis lazuli, malachite and ivory as well as ceramics, calligraphy and paintings  that exemplify centuries of re-inventing and re-activating the ancient arts of  China, including the thriving contemporary arts of the twenty-first century.

China’s China: Porcelain, Earthenware, Stoneware & Glazes

More than 2,000 years of ceramic excellence will be showcased with meaningful  selections to feature a range of different techniques through both figural and  practical forms.  The selections date from seven different dynastic  periods—stretching from the second century BC to contemporary works.

A brilliant range of colors of the glazes will be on view — from celadon  greens to ox-blood reds, from baroque overlays of lime-green, pinks, and purples  to the more familiar blue-and-whites wares.

“This installation demonstrates why the name of the country became a synonym  for the ceramic arts while demonstrating an abridged introduction of some of the  most significant and celebrated ceramic types in Chinese history,” said Katherine  Anne Paul, the Museum’s Curator of the Arts of Asia.

Buddhism, Taoism, Confucius and Cult of Mao: China’s Religious Arts

Multiple religious arts populate the diverse regions of China. Some  traditions, like Confucianism, Taoism and the Cult of Mao developed within  China. Others religious traditions —Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam — entered with foreign traders, missionaries and shifting populations. Through  poignant groupings of devotional objects related to most of these traditions,  the distinctions and interplay of Chinese aesthetics and religious meanings will  be explored.

Additionally, a selection from the Museum’s collection of 51 badges of  Chairman Mao—his profile, his calligraphy, and sacred and historic sites of his  rise to power will illustrate this more recent devotional phenomenon.

Further information may be obtained on the Newark Museum website,

For the original version on PRWeb visit:

Read more:


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Home Sellers Impacting Interior Design Market Niche

At a time when the housing market is sluggish, Walls Need Love has experienced an increase in sales as home sellers are seeking cost-effective, simple ways to improve their home’s appeal to potential buyers.

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) June 21, 2012– In recent months, Walls Need Love has observed a growing trend of home sellers seeking quick and budget-friendly ways to improve their home’s appearance. In the midst of a sluggish economic recovery, many home sellers have witnessed firsthand the impact of an uncertain housing market.

Although mortgage interest rates remain at record lows, many would-be buyers do not meet the stringent lending requirements or are simply concerned with the potential for further decline in home values. With pending home resales dropping, many sellers and their realtors are desperate for solutions to lure in potential buyers at a time of the years when home sales are generally most steady. Because the supply of resale homes greatly outnumbering demand, sellers are looking for cost-efficient, yet effective ways to set their property apart among the competition.

Even though many home sellers would love to complete kitchen or bathroom remodels in order to sell their homes more quickly, the reality is that few can afford these costly upgrades. Even though such improvements have historically shown to attract buyers and increase a home’s sale price, even those sellers who can afford such upgrades are often skeptical of the potential for increased return or a quicker sale. An increasing number of sellers are looking for affordable ways to stage their home and increase its appeal to buyers. Savvy sellers are abandoning traditional wall art and decor and instead, flocking to
wall decals. Ranging in styles, colors, and sizes, and even customizable to any taste, decals cost a fraction of traditional paintings and wall art.

Vinyl wall art, which can often be installed on a wall in less than five minutes, does not require any nails or glue and instead, is applied directly on a painted wall, glass, or other non-porous surfaces. Wall decals do not damage walls or underlying surfaces and can be removed even more quickly than they can be installed; in addition, many decals can even be reused. Home sellers, who are often challenged with the task of creating a focal point in a room or finding a large piece of art to cover a bare space, such as above a fireplace, can use wall decals to meet these decorating needs and provide a clean, updated look to
their home.

Walls Need Love owner Ali Abrahimia, said the following regarding his company’s commitment to assisting home sellers who find themselves needing to improve their home’s appearance, “Walls Need Love frequently receives phone calls and e-mails from home sellers who need ideas for using vinyl wall art to improve their home’s appearance. We are committed to providing design assistance to each customer and will even take a photo of the seller’s room and determine the best decal design, color, and size for the space.” Mr. Abrahimia also commented, “Our customers are able to use vinyl wall art to accent their home’s strong points and depersonalize a space without sacrificing style. For customers selling their homes, tree wall decals, abstract wall decals, wall quotes, clock wall
decals, and design packs are very popular choices.”

Since opening for business, Walls Need Love has shown its commitment to providing a cost-effective way for customers to update their home or office decor. In addition to offering a wide range of decorating solutions for customers seeking unique and simple design solutions, the Nashville based company also donates a percentage of every sale to Sound Forest, a non-profit organization committed to environmental preservation.

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